CAPRICORN: New love! True love? January 2019

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Hi there -

Who is your next love interest? What are they like? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Do you 2 have a chance at lasting love?
Let's find out!

credit for the spread: Soul Moon Tarot

Cards are casino shuffled off camera (otherwise it catches the cloth, messes with the sound), then slide shuffled on camera.

Cards in the spread are clarified where it makes sense for me to do so.

This is intended to be a romantic love read but may resonate for you otherwise (i.e. family, friendship, etc.).

Being that it is a general reading and will not resonate with everyone - take what resonates and leave the rest.

Check your moon, rising and venus signs for more clarification. To find your moon/rising/venus, go to (it's free and I'm not affiliated).

Decks used in reading:
Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Rider Waite in a tin
The Answer is Simple Cards
Goddess Guidance Oracle
Divine Directions

Links provided mean I will earn a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase.

Nails: KL Polish Casanova

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