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Lifeboat - Heathers: The Musical +LYRICS1:39Lifeboat - Heathers: The Musical +LYRICS
''Lifeboat'' and ''Shine a Light (Reprise)'' HEATHERS4:01''Lifeboat'' and ''Shine a Light (Reprise)'' HEATHERS
Lifeboat | Heathers Animatic / Storyboard1:40Lifeboat | Heathers Animatic / Storyboard
Lifeboat - Heathers Karaoke1:39Lifeboat - Heathers Karaoke
Steve Taylor - Lifeboat3:52Steve Taylor - Lifeboat
Lovage - Lifeboat (/w Mike Patton)4:47Lovage - Lifeboat (/w Mike Patton)
Lifeboat- Heathers the Musical1:47Lifeboat- Heathers the Musical
LIfeboat + shine a light reprise - Heathers the musical4:29LIfeboat + shine a light reprise - Heathers the musical
Lifeboat from Heathers (Lyrics)1:38Lifeboat from Heathers (Lyrics)
Robby Krieger spanish caravan with LA Philharmonic Quartet @music lifeboat6:12Robby Krieger spanish caravan with LA Philharmonic Quartet @music lifeboat
Steve Taylor - Lifeboat6:40Steve Taylor - Lifeboat
David Phelps - The Lifeboat [Live]4:43David Phelps - The Lifeboat [Live]
Heathers - Lifeboat Karaoke1:42Heathers - Lifeboat Karaoke
"Lifeboat" - Heathers the Musical2:37"Lifeboat" - Heathers the Musical
Melanie Meriney- Lifeboat (Official Video)4:07Melanie Meriney- Lifeboat (Official Video)
Heathers the Musical - Lifeboat2:11Heathers the Musical - Lifeboat
Lifeboat Animatic1:52Lifeboat Animatic
Rob Manning on Music Lifeboat1:22Rob Manning on Music Lifeboat
The Lifeboat [Live]5:43The Lifeboat [Live]
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